Christmas Eating

What is it about Christmas that makes everyone want to “ho ho hoe” into everything in sight?

I was lying on my mat in a Pilates class this week listening as the talk amongst the girls had turned to food and all the Christmas eating that was coming up. The instructor was berating herself for the fact that she was going to be eating her Mother’s famous Christmas desserts. She was slathering on guilt for food that she hadn’t even eaten yet!

It’s pretty sad when we can’t enjoy a piece of Christmas Pavlova without feeling guilty afterwards and having to slog out hours in the gym for punishment.

In a balanced diet “party food” is reserved for celebrations, but the December/January Christmas season has become one long eight week party, thus bringing with it all that extra party food. So the cheese platters, sausage rolls and desserts quickly become a habit rather than a ‘sometimes’.

And this is where it becomes a problem. Enjoying the odd Christmas lunch with all the trimmings is absolutely fine, and is to be encouraged! Sharing a meal with family, friends and loved ones is the stuff of a rich life. However eating pastry mince pies, processed meats, cheese platters and washing them down with a litre of champagne everyday is the stuff of heart disease.

So what to do?

Unfortunately there is no magic weight loss solution, no matter how many times someone claims to have found one! In my opinion weight loss and weight management centre around one word.


I know it’s totally boring and predictable.

If you’re trying to lose weight you need to eat less and move more, whilst cultivating healthy habits.

If you’re trying to maintain weight you need to enjoy treats in moderation. You can have your cake and eat it too, just not everyday and not the whole cake.

So my advice is to enjoy your Christmas calories, because they are so much more than food. Just don’t let it be an eight-week excuse to eat like a maniac.



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