Empty or Full?

Some people are just “glass half full” types and can’t help but looking on the bright side. They see the good in people, emerge from difficulties stronger than before, don’t bitch and moan all the time and don’t sit around thinking that the world owes them a favour. They get on with living and they live well. Good on them!

On the other side of the coin are the “half empty” types. These negative people are hard to be around. They actively look for things to complain about and struggle to enjoy anything. Spending time with them is draining because they drag you down with them.

The negative people don’t like the positive people. They make fun of them to try and point out why their optimism is stupid. They don’t like how they look in the reflection of positivity.

I myself have days where I’m cranky and negative and no doubt hard to be around, as most of us probably do, but I try to err towards the positive most of the time. Naïve or no, I believe in the goodness of the world, and feel very content majority of the time. I feel lucky to have the life that I have.

Life is a messy business and there can always something that isn’t great and something to find fault with. These can be tiny little things, like not being about to find a car park at the supermarket, or really big things like serious illness. So walking around with rose-tinted glasses thinking everything is perfect is not sustainable. To me however, that is not the goal.

My goal is not to let the negatives become pervasive and tarnish all that is good. So I make time to be grateful, to smile and to reflect. To gain perspective when I feel cloudy.

Ultimately it’s a fundamental choice. Do you want to be empty or full?




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