It’s the little things…

Yesterday something unthinkable happened in Melbourne, the city I live in. A psychopath in an out of control car mowed down pedestrians in the middle of the city, injuring many and killing four people. Two of them were children.

It’s horrifying and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

This morning I’ve been doing “Mum jobs” including cleaning, preparing baby-friendly muffins, washing clothes and sticking adhesive ducks to the bottom of the bathtub for safety. I do all these things to care for and protect the tiny person whose life my husband and I have been entrusted with. It’s our job to keep her safe. Yesterday was a stark reminder that you can’t always protect them from this crazy world. It’s a sobering thought, that sometimes, even your best efforts won’t be enough.

So now I just take a few deep breaths and focus on what I can do. Focus on the little things.

I can love her. So much.

I can pick her up and cuddle her so that my love is palpable.

I can keep making her delicious baby food and care about fostering a good food relationship for her.

I can read her stories so that she can love books, because words on a page are important.

I can take her for walks and introduce her to nature.

I can sing songs to her because music is a special gift.

I can help her to explore her world on those wobbly little legs.

I can pick her up when she falls down.

I can tickle her and hear those delicious baby giggles.

I can tell her that she is important, and loved, and treasured.

I can focus on all the ‘little things’ because they are what really matter. That’s what I’m learning from this new parenting job of mine, that the ‘little’ things are actually the ‘big’ things.

I can’t fix the world by worrying about it, and worry itself will not make me a better mother. So I’m just going to shower as much love as I can on my beautiful little girl, because love just might be the thing that could fix this crazy world one day.



4 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. What a lucky little person your daughter is to have such a wonderful mother who takes the time to think about what an important job she has been given. Keep shining, bless you.


  2. Hey Casey Just have to say, what a beautiful post! Thank you! Was just what I needed to hear today and a wonderful reminder to focus on the good things we can control. Love to you all and a big kiss to Chloe from the Rudges. Xx


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