We are starting of the new year by beginning a renovation on our house. It’s very exciting and very scary!

In order to start the renovation, 80% of the house has been torn down. It’s a bit of paradox to have to destroy something in order to rebuild it again, but when I think about it, that happens quite a bit in life too.

People quit their jobs and return to study and give themselves new careers. People get sick and rebuild their bodies and lifestyles making themselves whole again. Relationships end in crisis and people go on to find new love and new hope. So what looks like a destruction of something existing might just be the beginning of something wonderful. At least that’s what I’m hoping!

The foundations will be laid soon and will provide the bedrock of our new house. Our new home. On top of those foundations a house will sit, and once it’s built, we will continue to build our lives and memories within its walls. We will never stop building our family. Sometimes things will happen to tear us down, but nothing will stop us from rebuilding.

While it’s relatively calm and before the logistics of picking tiles and flooring and paint colours kick in to full gear, I am just feeling full of optimism about this huge project we are undertaking. I’m proud of us for taking this leap and am really excited about the year ahead.



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