30 Day Minimalist Game…

My dalliance with the minimalism concept is kicking up a notch for the month of March with the 30 Day Minimalism Game.

It’s basically an exercise to aide in culling excess junk from your life and the rules are pretty simple.

Day 1, throw out 1 item. Day 2, throw out 2 items. And so it continues until you throw out 30 items on day 30. So that is a total of 465 items over the 30 days.

It sounds like a lot when you look at the total number, however I still think it’s going to be relatively easy. I have boxes, drawers & cupboards filled with stuff that I never use nor think about.

There will be three avenues to get rid of stuff, which are; donate, sell or trash.

My husband and I are going to do it together, so we only have to come up with half the number of items each. We’re very keen to do this before we move back into our house, post-renovation. We will have loads more storage space then and the temptation to just shove everything neatly into all those extra cupboards will be too much. It can be hard to purge things from your life so I’m hoping that we will encourage each other to part with our respective junk. Plus it’s always easier to be ruthless with someone else’s stuff!

We kick off this Wednesday 1st March and I’ll post our weekly progress on Instagram as we go along. Feel free to play along with us if you need an excuse to cleanse some excess!



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