Zucchini Fritters…

Zucchinis are so wonderful throughout the summer season! They are versatile and delicious, so I know these fritters wont disappoint! They are a wonderful lunch on their own, served with salad or make mini-sized ones and top them with smoked salmon and fresh dill for an appetiser and instant crowd pleaser!

(Makes 12, Approx 70 kcal per fritter)


1 medium zucchini, roughly chopped

1 Cup frozen peas & corn (tinned is fine to use too)

1 Cup fresh spinach leaves

2 eggs

1 tbs freshly chopped dill

2 tbs cottage cheese

½ Cup wholemeal spelt flour (or regular flour)

1 tsp baking powder

Olive oil for cooking


Put all ingredients in a Nutribullet (or blender) and blitz until smooth, like pancake batter.

Heat olive oil in a pan, and dollop batter into pan. Cook on each side until golden (roughly 1 min per side).




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