I’ll be happier when…

I can’t count the times I’ve started off sentences like this.

‘I’ll be happier when…’

~ I’m on holidays

~ I have a baby

~ I move house

~ I get that promotion

Blah blah blah. You get the picture.

It’s seems to be a constant battle with myself to both look forward to the future and be really present in the here and now. Living for the future isn’t sustainable and it discounts what you actually have right now.

At the moment I seem to be reminding myself of this every day as we renovate our house. It’s still about six months off being completed and we are renting a tiny house in the meantime. I don’t love the rental house. It doesn’t have air conditioning, and Melbourne seems to be intent on making summer last forever this year. There’s no dishwasher, so I’m constantly washing dishes, as there’s nowhere to hide the dirty ones.

So yes, first world problems.

In the house I grew up in we didn’t have air-conditioning or a dishwasher, and we only got central heating when I was about 10 years old. Prior to that we had one gas heater in the lounge room, and you have to bolt to bed in the evening and jump under the covers quick smart to warm back up. The house was hot in summer and cold in winter and I couldn’t have cared less back then. I loved my home, because it was my home.

I also still have really fond memories of the first flat my husband and I ever lived in together. It had no air-conditioning and no dishwasher either, and once again, I couldn’t have cared less. Because I adored him, and was just thrilled to wake up next to him everyday.

So, quite frankly, I need to get over myself and stop complaining. Yes, we are a little tight on space at the moment and yes it’s missing a few creature comforts, but we have a home. We have somewhere to live that is pleasant and safe and most importantly, we are all together.

On the upside, the lack of space has forced us to downsize our lives and re-examine what we actually need for day-to-day living. Surprisingly, we don’t need all that much at all. It’s amazing what you can live without when it’s all boxed up and packed away in storage.

It also has a lemon tree in the back yard, so that’s pretty ace too.

Maybe we’ll be so drunk on space when we move back into our house that we’ll miss the closeness that this little house has given us. Maybe we’ll be sorry that we didn’t love it more when we were here.


Ask me next summer when I’m stacking the dishwasher while the air-con hums away in the background 😉

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