I’ve had a manic weekend! Generally speaking our social calendar isn’t especially busy, but this weekend we were go go go the whole time. Having a social life is made somewhat more difficult with a baby and I just felt myself rushing the whole time to squeeze in naps, meal times, bath time…. Blah blah blah, you catch my drift.

Even over lunch on Saturday I was talking to multiple people about how busy they were. ‘Busy’ seems to now be the default answer to “How are you?”

We wear our busy lives and jam-packed schedules as a badge of honour, priding ourselves on our juggling skills. But how much of my busy life is a choice?

If I’m brutally honest, I don’t mind being a little bit busy. However I think there’s a fundamental difference to being frenetic, and being occupied. My best version of ‘busy’, is a day where I can get jobs around the house done, do some cooking, potter in the garden, take the dog for a long walk, meet a friend for a coffee and play in the park with my little girl. That kind of busy is hardly shooting the lights out with pace, but it’s a healthy kind of busy where you feel good about being out and about and getting things organised. Throw in a full time job in addition to running a household and no doubt the pace has to go up a notch!

I’ve always been quite painfully organised. For example, it’s not uncommon for my Christmas shopping to be completed by November. So having less time has made me even more focused and less wasteful with the time I do have. But I still seem to be constantly cramming in extra stuff wherever I can, possibly to my own detriment.

This morning I woke up feeling exhausted and it’s only Monday! Is this how it is now? A perpetual state of either ‘tired’ or ‘really tired’?!

So I’m taking a bit of time out this week, and limiting all the ‘extra’ stuff. I’m going to be really busy, at not being so busy.



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